Battery Wallace

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Hard at Work

I went to the Museum of Natural History  (Smithsonian) on Thursday with my boyfriend. We spent the WHOLE day looking at wild animals that were stuffed, live insects, gems, ocean life, cavemen history, and fossils. What was interesting, to me, was that they had people extracting fossils from the compact dirt. It was a small workstation in the museum and they had signs up explaining what they were doing. They were part of the exhibit!  DSC_0072

He has some serious skills doing it standing up. That black tube is a vent that sucks up all the dust that they create when they “dig” out the bones. You can see in the picture below that its a pen-like tool that they use and it blasts pressurized air to expose the bones.DSC_0074

He seems extremely focused on what he is doing. You can tell by his furrowed brows. I have to give these guys credit; they are awesome for doing all this while tons of people watch. I would feel too pressured.