Coming to America: Domenico


Place of Origin: Monte San Giacomo, Italy

When and why did you move to America?

“I moved to America when I was 4 and 1/2, in 2002, and my basically my parents decided to move to America to give their kids a better future.”

What do you like about America?

“I like that there are more opportunities, cause I’m from a small village of about 2,000 people and all my friends live off their grandparents. I don’t want to do that, I want to find a job, have a career, and move up in the world. I don’t want to just stay where I am.

What don’t you like about America?

“Just the fact that I’m far away from my family and friends, I mean I talk to them everyday, but I only see them for 2 months out of the year and I Kinda miss them. But now, thanks to technology I get to Facetime and Skype with them. So there’s still that connection, but I would rather, or at least if I don’t find a job, I would like to go back there [Italy] for a year and see what I could do. Like start a business.”

Was it hard for you to adapt?

“Well, since my family owns a pizzeria and everyone there is from Italy and they’ve been here longer than I have, so I hung out with them a lot and I picked up the language right away. So I don’t think it was hard for me, but it was harder for my brother because he wasn’t hanging out with the same people I was and he didn’t pick up the language as fast.”


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