Born in the Late 19th Century

So much beauty, so much history, and so many lives touched by the Hurstmont Estate. 


This mansion was first built in 1886 and rebuilt in 1902 and no one has lived here since the 1980’s.


Who lived in this room? What were they like? Was pink their favorite color?


The detailing of this wallpaper is exquisite. Sadly, falling down, from the wall. It can no longer hold on.


The paint on the walls slowly evaporated over the years.


A great view from the second floor.


A personal library room; has medical encyclopedias, history texts, children’s books, and novels.


This is my friend Victor; we’re on the third floor of the estate. This room faces the “once beautiful” garden.

The Hurstmont Estate has been uninhabited for over 30 years and we are now left to wonder what kind of people lived here.


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