Summer In My Native Country

I was born in Brescia, Italy, it’s a small town that is just two hours away from Milan. When I was eight years old I moved to America with my mother and I’ve visited Italy every summer. Except when I went during the summer of 2013, it was the first time I went back to Brescia in three years! I wasn’t able to go because I had started college and I was taking classes during the summer.


I was so excited when we landed (my cousin from my mother’s side joined me on the trip) we were picking up our luggage and my heart was beating with excitement. I knew once we went out, I would finally get to see my family again (from my father’s side).DSC_0006This is the view from the terrace of my grandmother’s villa. She lives on part of the mountain and it’s a beautiful view of part of Brescia. It was just like how I remembered it; peaceful. I know it was only three years, but it felt longer. I felt as if I had a better appreciation for its beauty and natural-ness.DSC_0008

This view is from the back of the villa.DSC_0050We also went to Brescia’s Piazza del Duomo (which has the famous Duomo Vecchio). This Picture shows a white garage door and a brown door and it’s where my grandmother and grandfather owned their jewelry store (It’s right in front of the famous dome). They named it “Berios” and they also made and sold watches. But around 2010 they moved to a new place and my aunt ran the store, but last year they closed the business. I remember being in the store, the one picture above, when I was about 5 years old. I would draw or play games while my family did business. It wasn’t until now that I realized how historic this place really is. More information about Piazza del Duomo  Click Here 

DSC_0076This isn’t from the same place as the previous picture, but it just amazes me how a town, a village, a country, and  the world can still contain artifacts and architectures from so long ago. It’s so amazing how much history there is even in the most unknown places. (That’s my cousin in the above picture)DSC_0039Even this little graffiti I spotted must have a story.


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